Try-out Flights

We will launch the first scheduled route this Summer, but already offer try-out flights starting next month.
Try-out Flights before launching the full schedule

Frankfurt to Zürich

7:30 AM Frankfurt Egelsbach ➨ Zürich International 8:20 AM

8:40 AM Zürich International ➨ Frankfurt Egelsbach 9:30 AM


Frankfurt to Munich

7:30 AM Frankfurt Egelsbach ➨ Munich Airport 8:22 AM

8:50 AM Munich Airport ➨ Frankfurt Egelsbach 9:42 AM


Munich to Zürich

7:30 AM Munich Airport ➨ Zürich International 8:14 AM

8:35 AM Zürich International ➨ Munich Airport 9:19 AM


Aircraft: 8-seater King Air 350i

Request more information below and we´ll keep you informed, or call us at +491733075724

Later this year we will launch the full schedule