Frequently Asked Questions


 What are the major benefits of JetEight

Time, comfort and reduction of stress.

Security lines, handing in your luggage, waiting for latecomers? Not with JetEight. We will bring your travel experience to a new level. And with our inspiring community, you might meet your future customer or business partner on the next flight.

What kind of airports and terminals do you use?

We will use private terminal facilities of the major hubs ensuring the same smooth process. The private aviation terminals are smaller and not congested, thus making the check-in and boarding a rather flawless experience. If general aviation airports are available then we will aim to operate from there. These private airports will only be used if they are located as far from the city center as the main airport hub. These smaller airports are primarily used by general and business aviation and all have the facilities you expect from an airport including free Wi-Fi, snacks, and drinks. Moreover, you can park your car just in front of the entrance of the terminal and go directly to the aircraft waiting for you.

What aircraft types do you fly?

JetEight offers a variety of aircraft types depending on the operator. No matter which aircraft you will fly, you can be assured of a high-quality and comfortable experience. All our operators are licensed by the European aviation safety authorities and meet the same standards as your traditional airline. The aircaft types range from twin-engine propeller aircraft to jets as displayed below.

Is there a lot of noise in the cabin?

The latest private aircraft are comparable with or even quieter than the aircraft used by commercial airlines. So you do not have to worry about noise and can be fully productive if you would like to.


Launch & Waitlist

When are you planning to launch operations?

We highly appreciate your interest in our future operations. The initial launch is targeted for mid-2017. The exact date will depend on the growth of the Founding Member sign ups.

What happens if I sign up now?

Signing up right now will ensure you will become a member of JetEight. Our concierges will get in touch to explain the details of JetEight and to understand your travel wishes and needs. Afterwards, you will be able to purchase your Try-Out ticket or Flight Cards.

Where does JetEight fly?

JetEight will be operating between European business hubs, please see our schedule page for the latest info. The network will accordingly grow to satisfy our customer needs better based on your input.



How does the membership work?

Purchase your Flight Cards and get access to all flights in the schedule, as well as the try-out flights. As simple as that. More pricing info can be found on our Membership page.

When can I reserve a seat?

Once we launch our reservation application you will be able to reserve seats 4 weeks in advance and up to 30 minutes prior to departure.

What happens if my preferred flight is booked full?

In case all seats have been booked there will be the option to be put on the waitlist in case another member cancels the booking. The waitlist will act on a first come first serve basis. However, we try to optimize the network and schedule in such a way that fully booked flights remain uncommon so that you can fly as much as you would like.

Can I cancel or change my flight reservation?

No problem. We believe that it should be easy to cancel or change your flight and therefore we will not put any charges on that. We do, however, urge members to cancel their flight as soon as possible so that other members of the community can benefit from an additional seat.

Can I bring a guest onboard?

A guest option will be made available to ensure our customers are able to continue doing their business onboard. The guest flights will be available to the registered members only and will be priced at €700,- per guest per flight.

Is there a registration fee?

No, for our Founding Members there is no registration fee.

Are there any hidden fees or ancillary charges?

No, the Flight Card includes everything from the flight itself, re-booking, to beverages, snacks, etc. We see this fixed monthly travel expense as a true benefit for our members.

So I can take my luggage with me for free?

Indeed. You can always take hand luggage with you. Will you be needing to take more luggage with you, please make sure to inform us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. No additional costs will incur. Exact sizes will be published one we finalize our operator agreement.


Corporate membership

Do you have any kind of a corporate membership?

Yes. The corporate membership is a customized package tailored to your company’s needs. For more information, please contact: Member Care.

How does my business team benefit from flying with JetEight?

The true benefit that JetEight brings you is time. We will save you around one to two hours per round trip. A quick calculation will indicate that this can lead up to dozens of hours for you and even hundreds of hours for your team. Imagine, how much more productive your team becomes due to the saved time, not to forget the increased productivity onboard the aircraft due to the perfect ambiance. We truly believe that JetEight will increase your colleague’s and company’s performance.

Moreover, you might want to consider giving a membership as part of a reward program. Wouldn't it be great to offer your employees a true private aircraft experience.

Can I add more colleagues at a later stage or change names?

Sure. Your personal JetEight agent is always there for you to make any changes required.


Additional questions?

We understand that you might have many questions related to this innovative airline model. Our team is more than ready to answer any question you might have. Contact us by clicking on the button below.


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